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Clinical Rotation: Trends Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet # 1 Date:_________________________ 1. The doctor orders 1000 mL 5% D/W and 1000 mL Normal Saline to run over an 18 hour period. The tubing delivers 15 gtts/ml. You will adjust the IV to run at ______ gtts/min and ______ ml/hr? 28 gtts 111.1 mL 2. The nurse checks a patient’s IV at 10 p.m. and finds 800 mL of D5W left. This IV bag is to be completed at 2 a.m. Assuming that the IV is on time, the IV should be dripping at ______ gtts/min? (drop factor 15 gtts/ml) 50 gtts 3. The doctor has ordered “medication B” gr XV. Available is a bottle labeled “medication B” gr 3 3/4 = 1 ml. You would give _______? 4 mL 4. The bottle is labeled “medication G” 0.005 G tablets. The doctor
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Unformatted text preview: ordered 0.015 G. You would give?_______ 3 tabs 5. The doctor ordered “medication J” 0.05 G. On hand is 0.25 G in 5 mL. You would give? _____ 1 mL 6. The doctor ordered gr 1/300 of a medication. On hand is a vial containing gr 1/100 in each mL. You would administer?_____ 0.33 mL 7. You need to give 200 mg of a medication from an ampule marked gr vi = 5 ml. You would administer ? ________ 2.8 mL 8. To give gr 1/6 of a medication when you have 5 mg tablets on hand, you would administer? __________ 2 tabs 9. To give gr 1/200 of a medication from a 2 ml vial containing 0.6 mg per ml, you would administer?_______ 0.5 mL 10. To give 0.75 G from tablets labeled “gr viiss per tablet” , you would administer? _________ 1.5 tabs...
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