Trends2_3-09 - The drug label reads Codeine gr 1/3 per tablet How many tablets should be administered per prn dose 2 tabs 7 A physician prescribes

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Clinical Rotation: Trends Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet # 2 Date:_________________________ 1. Atropine gr 1/200 is ordered for a patient who is going to surgery. The drug is available in gr 1/150 per mL. How many mL should be administered? _______ 0.75 mL 2. Sodium benzoate is available as 250 mg/ml. How many ml will you administer if the physician’s order is for gr viii ? ______ 1.9 mL 3. Nembutal is available as gr iss / tablet. The physician prescribes gr ix as a total daily dose to be divided into 3 equal doses. How many tablets will you give per dose? _____ 2 tabs 4. Penicillin G 50,000 units/kg body weight per pay is to be administered in 4 equally divided doses. Penicillin G 500,000 units tablets are available. How many tablets will a 176 lb patient receive for each dose? _____ 2 tabs 5. Achromycin-V is available as 250 mg capsules. Achromycin-V 0.5 g po qid is ordered for a patient. How many capsules should be administered per dose? ______ 2 caps 6. An order is for Codeine 40 mg prn.
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Unformatted text preview: The drug label reads Codeine gr 1/3 per tablet. How many tablets should be administered per prn dose? _______ 2 tabs 7. A physician prescribes 0.15 mg every day of a drug. The drug is available as 0.05 mg/ml. How many ml should be administered? 3 mL 8. A patient with acute asthma is prescribed 400 mg of Aminophylline to be added to 50 ml D5W over 1 hour. If the tubing drop factor is 15 gtts/ml calculate the drops per minute if the available medicine comes as Aminophylline 500 mg/25 ml. _________ gtts/min 18 gtts 9. Penicillin G 15,000,000 units is ordered to run over 24 hours in 1000 ml of D5W. To be added to the solution is IV Penicillin G that is available as 500,000 units per ml. If an administration set with a gtt factor of 15 gtts/ml is used, what are the drops/minute to set the IV? ______ 11 gtts 10. Drug ordered: Tobramycin (Nebcin) PDR instructions: 3 mg/kg/day divided in q8h dosages Patient weight: 198 lb What is the recommended dosage for this patient? 270 mg...
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