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Problem Answers - 77970 ml's How long in hours did it take...

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Unformatted text preview: 77970. ' ml's. How long, in hours, did it take the goose to make this journey? Questions 6 and 7 pertain to the situation described below.- Peter noticed a bug crawling along a meter stick and decided to record the bug’s position in five-second intervals. After the bug crawled off the meter stick, Peter created the table shown. What is the displacement of the bug between t = 0.00 s and t = 20.0 s? (a) +393 cm (c) +65.7 cm (b) —39.9 cm (d) —16.1 cm What is the total distance that the bug traveled between t = 0.00 s‘and t = 20.0 5? Assume the bug only (c) 16.1 cm ((1) 47.1 cm (e) 26.5 cm In the process of delivering mail, a postal worker walks 161 In, due east from his truck. He then turns around and walks 194 m, due west. What is the worker’s displacement relative to his truck? A Canadian goose flew 845 km from Scuthern California to Oregon with an average speed of 30.5 d: 2395700,” u: 5.30.5m/5 1.. 54 = mamas t : <30 '5”/: When the outdoor emergency warning siren at Cheryl’s school was tested, the sound from the siren took 7.0 s to reach her house located 2.40 km from the school. What is the speed of sound in air? Q1)) 31)) E 1'2105 52%:3‘19‘“, few d32.L/0m,lfmm:ayoam I or g.“’KM — r7 - $4-31. 5" ‘5 4*” 73:" A landing airplane makes contact with the runway with a speed of 78.0 m/s and moves toward the south. After 18.5 seconds, the airplane comes to rest. What is the average acceleration of the airplane during the landing? V4 =0 73 05% - - - a - [3'55 m . ' a 5 flu accal- UPCW’” ’Me “ fawn/I413 Max-7k A car, starting from rest, accelerates in a straight-line path at a constant rate of 2.5 m/sz. How far will the car travel in 12 seconds? 9-33.; U9 ’0 ‘ oh {fa/r“ LN a =QJ’M a a 1': [2‘5 13,25 [5 d:'£(2.5'M/5.1)025) 01¢? ld‘lwml A ball is dropped from rest from a tower and strikes the ground 125 m below. Approximately how many seconds does it take the ball to strike the ground after being dropped? Neglect air resistance. 5* worm Max“ ng ’15,. a = {Jam/,1 52 5/ saw" I t.- _ 914 F .20me 22+ q : I _ A '4 I: 0 V Water drips from rest fi'om a leaf that is 20 meters above the ground. Neglecting air resistance, ~-' . " i' A speed of each water drop when it hits the ground? Swim/,1 If gar * I- wflg {073.1 WM ...
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Problem Answers - 77970 ml's How long in hours did it take...

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