evan My body mass index is 26

evan My body mass index is 26 - 27.30g. 9%. c. Pizza,...

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1. My body mass index is 26.2 and my weight classification is overweight because it is above 18.5 and 25, which are normal. I do not agree with the BMI classification because I do not feel overweight. I am in tip-top. I feel healthy but I am sure I could eat a little better, but who couldn’t. 2. A. The nutrients below the recommended average are dietary fiber calories, vitamin D, vitamin E, folate, calcium magnesium, and potassium. The nutrient above the recommended average is vitamin C B. The toxicity risks are with Vitamin E. The deficiency risks are with vitamin C. 3. My macronutrients meet the criteria of proteins and carbohydrates but do not meet the criteria of fat. 4. A. pizza, cheese, rising crust, CKD, F/fzn. 29.25oz. 9% and 718.64 kcal. and pancakes, with butter and syrup. 519.68 kcal. 6%. b. Fried chicken, breast and wing. 29.51g. 10% and lunchmeat, bologna, and turkey.
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Unformatted text preview: 27.30g. 9%. c. Pizza, cheese rising crust 29.25oz. 489.23mg. d. Lunch meat, bologna, and turkey. 2,129.64mg 15% 5. I should be losing weight and that is currently happening because I am only eating half my recommended calorie intake. 6. Grains, vegetables, milk, meat, and fruit are all below the recommendation. I feel like I should add1.7 cups of milk and 3.3 cups more of vegetables in my diet. Having 2.4oz. more of grain wouldn’t hurt either. 7. I could eat more green and vegetables, drink more milk, and increase my calorie intake times two to promote a better and healthier lifestyle. 8. I feel if a person were dedicated enough this would be a great way to lose weight and help achieve a better, healthier lifestyle. I feel like my future diet will be constantly under but this project is helping me gain a better understanding of my nutrition....
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evan My body mass index is 26 - 27.30g. 9%. c. Pizza,...

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