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Garrett Aryan - program that is offered here at UNLV I plan...

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Garrett Aryan HMD 101 MW 1-2:15 Self I would like to tell you a little about my background and my educational and career goals. I am currently four credits short of being a junior at UNLV. I’m a new transfer from a community college named Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California where I completed 2 years of my undergraduate education. At this school I completed almost all of my lower division classes as well as discovered an interest in business management. This spawned from a variety of locations, one in which my father is a small business owner, having a company which manufactures abrasives, and the other being that I have always had interest since, approximately the age of 11, in the restaurant industry. Since my college education began I have began to develop essential plans that will be quite influential in my future career as well as educational plans. I plan on completing my college education at this established institution because of the impeccable
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Unformatted text preview: program that is offered here at UNLV. I plan to use my major, which is Culinary Management, to further my knowledge on restaurant entrepreneurship. Since probably my Sophomore year in High school, in Orange, California, I began to envision a lifelong career in owning my own restaurant, and since about this time it always seemed to include hot girls and a favorite middle eastern past time of mine, smoking hookah. From this building block I decided I wanted to run and particularly manage a high scale hookah lounge fully equipped with similar to “hooters” girls as the servers. I plan on having a combination of delicious food, hookah, and another killer, hot girls to persuade the general public to attend my fine establishment for unmatched Mediterranean food and an eloquent place to watch sports and see beautiful women....
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