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assignment 7 psy 3302

assignment 7 psy 3302 - Garrett Aryan PSY 3302 Oliver...

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Garrett Aryan PSY 3302 Oliver 5-5:50 TR Assignment 7 Systematic Observation Location of Observation: Inside of LBJ, near PAWS market and Wells Fargo. Coding: 0 – NO acknowledgement 1 – Turning away or slight movement 2 – Clear Irritation, coughing, change in expression 3 – Confrontation 4 – Person leaves Description. Myself, Leah and Riley sat outside of the PAWS in LBJ and decided to test certain social norms. I was the confederate that chose to “violate” these certain social norms with 3 unsuspecting and unknowing participants or subjects. In the first incident, I briskly walked over to a man sitting down reading a newspaper, at which point I began reading over his shoulder. Initially it was coded as a level 2, because he looked bothered and it was clear that I was violating his person space, it was not until about 20 seconds later that it escalated to a level 4 and the person just walked off, in clear frustration that I had been violating his personal space.
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