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Dear Garrett Aryan, We are looking forward to an exciting year with you as our resident at The Zone . In order to make your move-in as smooth as possible, please familiarize yourself with the following information. Your Move-In date and time is: Sunday, August 21st at 9am to 11am. As you are probably aware, there will be a large number of students checking in on this day. Therefore, in an effort to keep things running as efficient as possible, it is necessary that we assign times for each resident to move in according to the first letter of your last name. If the assigned time is not convenient for you, please contact our office immediately to make other arrangements. If you would like to escape the crowd on this day, you do have the option of postponing your move-in until the second or third day. However, we do ask that you contact our office and inform us of your intentions so we may schedule accordingly. As some waiting will be inevitable, you may want to dress comfortably!
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