chapter 8 psy 3316

chapter 8 psy 3316 - Garrett Aryan Psy 3316 9:30 TR...

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Garrett Aryan Psy 3316 9:30 TR 9/21/2011 Are People Just Animals? Are people just animals? With this question comes a very intriguing and enthralling philosophical debate, which could quite possibly leave you with more questions than answers. This question is kind of like comparing an apple to an orange. Yes, they are both fruits, both grow on tree’s, and mostly consist of water, vitamins and minerals etc., but the essence of them, are clearly not the same. As with many of life’s mysteries, this tale is no so black and white. There are some striking similarities between humans and animals, as well as many differences, both physically and mentally. One striking difference that’s sets humans aside from animals are our frontal lobes, which give us the ability to plan ahead, anticipate consequences, emotional experience which relates to empathy and moral/ethical reasoning. Another striking difference is the human’s ability for language and foresight. Humans, from our knowledge, seem to have this innate ability for understanding ourselves and other people,
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chapter 8 psy 3316 - Garrett Aryan Psy 3316 9:30 TR...

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