Industrialization - Garrett Aryan 9/24/2o1o MW 5:00-6:20...

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Garrett Aryan 9/24/2o1o MW 5:00-6:20 History 1310
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If you can imagine a time in which society and the people in which it contains, experienced complete satisfaction and triumph in which all of its citizens failed to encounter any problems but the mere dilemma of too much prosperity, then you would be one in a million. While unfortunately perfection is not yet a readily acquired characteristic for the world of politics, economics and society as a whole, we most certainly can strive to attain it or search out all possible solutions to the equation. It seems rather difficult to assume that with the billions of people that now inhabit this earth, that all of them may live an equally prosperous lifestyle in which no one man or woman has it any worse or better than the next. With liberty and equality, society can assume that it is treated fairly and equally under the law without compromise of individualistic goals and characteristics in which each citizen may have. Under the liberty and equality that our nation has given us, we are free to progress through society in whichever manner we see fit, whether our aspirations are to be a porn star, trash man, or high level CEO. Through industrialization, we have seen America rise from the colonial era of log and wood houses, to the mass production of houses, roads, toys and vehicles. While population began to rise, and living conditions began to hiccup, industrialization seemed to answer the growing concerns of many Americans in the late 1800’s. The industrialization of America created many new jobs as well as the opportunity to mass produce more and more goods and services that many people never thought possible. But while industrialization seemed to spread like wild fire, some concerns began to arise with
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Industrialization - Garrett Aryan 9/24/2o1o MW 5:00-6:20...

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