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In order to implement the optimal solution for Hooters of America, the process of the action, timeline and who is responsible must be strategically plotted and executed. First and foremost, the preliminary acquisition research will take place for approximately 6 months under the advisement of Michael Locey, Vice president of development. Hooters will utilize this research of Bone Daddy’s to assess the most efficient and effective way to best use its resources. As a testament to this research, Wholesome Holdings Group, CEO and chairman, Terry O’Brien “ invested many long nights with Sadler Smokehouse’s CEO Harold Sadler before its acquisition to discuss their views on how to run a company that consistently met high standards for quality, customer service, food safety and value for today’s consumer.” This is a critical step towards the goal of acquiring Bone Daddy’s to ensure that our chosen strategy will increase Hooters market share and improve upon it’s image. Next, Joe Hummel, Executive Vice president of
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  • Spring '08
  • meeks
  • Management occupations, vice president, Vice President of the United States, Joe Hummel, Bone Daddy, Wholesome Holdings

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