Owners - Rights Option of representing the Hooters...

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Owners Interests: Increasing company profitability, Boosting Franchising and Company Recognition as well as preserving market shares. Values: Values companies’ success, profitability, increasing, expanding hooters brand Rights: To oversee and make any final decisions wanted within organization, Ultimate control and authority. Employees Interests: Making money, being able to advance within the firm, work experience, promotions, Authority or sense of worth within organization. Values: Values personal interests such as promotions, bonuses and advancement and exceptional wages. Rights: Rights to equal opportunity employment and fair compensation Legal Interests: Interests in representing Hooters effectively so as that Hooters may run their business plan effectively within the boundaries of legal guidance. Values: Value defending and representing Hooters of America in legal matters to preserve the brand recognition and niche Hooters has established.
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Unformatted text preview: Rights: Option of representing the Hooters organizations in legal matters. Customers Interests: Interests in great customer service, excellent food, beautiful girls, sports and women related ambiance. Value: Value the service and products they purchase from attractive females as well as an exciting and free spirited environment. Rights: Right to communicate dissatisfaction with the service or product received as well as that their goods that were received met all FDA guidelines. Franchisee Interests: Use Brand recognition to make a profit and establish a safe and productive company. Value: Value Hooters Brand, Success of company, employees, investment, Rights: Get to expand or franchise with own location if $75 K is payed to hooters and has $800K-$150M to invest in company. Right to implement own managerial style into company....
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Owners - Rights Option of representing the Hooters...

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