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Aryan Garrett Aryan English 232 12/1/09 The Inferiority of Free Will It’s three a.m. in the morning while you and your friends are eating your Denny’s grand slam, complete with eggs, crispy hash browns, two sausage links, and a short stack of buttermilk pancakes, which provide the aroma of deliciousness that is about to cleanse your palette. It has been a late night of thirty Bud Lights and the cheapest gallon of vodka you could afford with your part-time job and full time school schedule. It comes time for the check, and being that you are in the late stages of intoxication, you have a brilliant idea – you skip the check. Now while this seems to be the wisest choice for you at the time, you have just violated what many would call a social contract. Social contracts are conventions set forth by the people, who make up a basis for societal norms, values and rules that society feels are essential to co-existence and survive. These social contracts are the foundations for the way in which society structures itself and contrives solidarity within the people. Without this precept for common law, our social contract struggles to meet the requirements needed for society to maximize its potential. It can be said by many writers and philosophers that, while social contracts are beneficial, they have drawbacks which sacrifices certain alienable rights such as our natural liberties of which we are born into. “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains” (Rousseau). These are the generous words set forth by Jean-Jacques Rousseau which state that while we are all born 1
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Aryan free without conventions, we forfeit our right to the natural liberties we all inherently have as a new born child. These natural liberties and unlimited rights to everything are thus forgone when we accept the ideologies and social contracts created by the elites. “One thinks himself the master of others, and still remains a greater slave than they”
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Research Essay - 1 Aryan Garrett Aryan English 232 The...

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