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Review Sheet PSY3323 Exam 1 Be familiar with the following concepts as we discussed them in class and as they are discussed in the readings. If you can explain the concept (or person) in a sentence to someone unfamiliar with the class then you will do fine on the exam! Prevailing thoughts in Darwin’s time Artificial selection Malthus’ theory of population growth Darwin’s theory of natural selection Descent with modification Mendel’s theory of inheritance Inheritance of acquired characteristics Four pieces of evidence for evolution: fossil record, convergent evolution, homology, embryology Milestones in human evolution: bipedal locomotion, emergence of modern humans, brain growth
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Unformatted text preview: Key findings from Ethology movement Inclusive fitness & genetic relatedness Trivers’ theories The importance of sociobiology What are adaptations, byproducts and noise? What are the criteria for determining something is an adaptation? Environment of evolutionary adaptedness The purpose of evolutionary psychology Properties of evolved psychological mechanisms Methods and types of data used in evolutionary psychology How evolutionary psychologists use task analysis to derive hypotheses The 8 common questions asked to evolutionary psychologists and how evolutionary psychologists answer them...
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