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I have a certain theme park in mind of which I have specific expectations for my experiences should I choose to visit. Let me tell you about the park and my expectations. For me, the most memorable and positive experience that I have had, has been at Wild Rivers. While it may not be as outrageous or as extreme as Disneyland and Six Flags, I enjoy it the most because of its external factors as well as its affordability and soaking wet rides. I find the water park experience so much more enjoyable because of its short lines and affordable prices, which is greatly impacted on my decision when deciding on what theme park to choose from. Theme parks such as Six Flags and Disneyland have disappeared from my realm of thought because of their incredibly high admission, souvenir, and food
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Unformatted text preview: prices. I also enjoy the water park experience so much more because of the amount of rides that I get to go on, compared to that of other theme parks which seem to attract quite a few more guests and can have lines up to hours long. The frequency of which water parks such as Wild Rivers and Raging Waters can be attended is so much more frequent because of their affordable prices and cooling water that can change any smoldering hot summer day into an enjoyable one. In conclusion, I feel that the water park experience can be much more enjoyable than the high prices and long lines that many of its competing theme parks offer, with its enjoyable rides and family fun atmosphere....
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