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Cruise vacations offer advantages over resort vacations in the following areas. Cruises are now becoming more and more popular as vocational decisions for the vacationing travelers of the world. More and more people are choosing cruises over resort hotels and other vacation destinations because of its value. Cruise ships offer a much cheaper price for the amount of accommodations it provides. For example, cruises provide entertainment, dining, rooms, bars, pools, and destinations all in one package and place. This is much more convenient and affordable than another vacation experience because with that, you have to pay for a plane ticket, a hotel, a car, and also food and entertainment separate from each other. Another reason that people now choose cruises is because of the expanding market, which in turn is expanding the array of destinations and activities that the cruises can provide. The cruise industry is taking
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Unformatted text preview: advantage of these already convenient cruise accommodations by continuing to offer more and more options and decisions for travelers who are looking for a full vacation away from the traditional choices of hotels and airlines. Cruises are expanding very rapidly because of their unique destinations, which other vacations could never provide. Their unique destinations, such as private islands, and unique oceanic scenery give travelers a different perspective on how real traveling should be. Cruises are becoming more convenient for travelers when considering the unique options offered and comprehensive accommodations such as pools, malls, gyms, buffets, themed restaurants, movie theaters, and a place for parents to be relieved of their parental duties with their child care services....
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