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English review 3 - write instead about the objective...

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Garrett Aryan English 232 A Room of One’s Own In the story “ A Room of One’s Own,” by Virginia Woolf, we venture through the story of a woman who desires the same respect and recognition as many influential men writers such as Shakespeare. Virginia Woolf is seeking equality through her works and writings, trying to prove that women are just as capable as men in writing fiction. In an attempt to experiment with the power of women’s work and quality of work, Woolf created the character “Shakespeare’s Sister,” which is rather interesting because it is a reaction to his, while she also says that the problem with women is that, they react to men’s writing while men are generally aggressive in their writings. While Woolf frequently questions the idea of men being better writers than women, she also is quick to not in her lecture that when writing, it is important to forget about petty grievances and
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Unformatted text preview: write instead about the objective relationship with reality. She maintains the philosophy that women, in order to write, and must have their own place to be successful and influential on the writing world. This is a very important philosophy for Woolf because it shows that a woman must be credible, in order to rise above the odds and sound credible through the writings. Women must go above and beyond if, in the time of this story, they want to be recognized and considered among the greats of other male writers. Mary makes sure to note that women should be convincing and genius through their writings, without showing anger or insecurity, as it would significantly lower the credibility of their nature. Through this story, we learn the beginnings of influential writing from that of a woman, and someone who strove for excellence and equality....
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