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Garrett Aryan English 232 Reading Response This reading response is in accordance with The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges. This is a short story that was translated into English from Spanish. This story was very interesting in that we see the name of the story come to fruition from the character of Dr. TSun. Tsun in this story is reflecting much upon a written work and, essentially, a puzzle, from his great ancestor, Ts’ui Pen. He leaves a story unfinished, and Dr. Tsun takes it upon himself to relate it with his own experience of being chased by Captain Madden. This story greatly relates to many philosophical questions we each ask ourselves every day, such as, “what if I had done this, or that differently?” or “what would have happened if I chose this, or that?.” I find it very interesting, because while I read this, I feel many humans relate to the same feelings or sentiments brought up by Tsun, Albert and Ts’ui Pen. Each decision that every single one of us make every day,
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Unformatted text preview: leads to a new, or different pathway that the other way would have not gone. Every door that we choose to go through, leads us to a new, different door, that would not have existed under the prior alternatives. This can be directly attributed to the point in which Tsun asks albert to retrieve the letter again, at which times he shoots him in the head, killing him instantly, directly in Captain Maddens vision. This is interesting because it proved that he indeed was smart enough to get the information his German commander thought was too difficult for a Chinese man. He related the path of choosing good or choosing evil in a way you would only think of, and never act upon. He chose this path to prove the authors point, and purpose of the title. He choose from a path in time, not space, to go down a certain fork in the road that lead him to accomplish his ultimate goal....
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