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The four most important expectations I personally consider when I am selecting a hotel for an overnight stay include the following. One of the most important things that I take into consideration when I am choosing my hotel or place of destination for vacations is cleanliness. I am a neat freak and there is nothing that turns me off more than a dirty or old looking hotel. While service is important I rarely have ever had bad service at a hotel so this is not particularly my concern because the contact with employees I feel is rather limited. The second aspect of staying in a hotel that I look for is the pool. I feel that pools are a great bonus to any vacation when you can spend a few relaxing hours at an exciting and interesting pool. Most of the time this is what sways my decision on hotels one way or the other because while on vacations or simply traveling there is always a need for me to explore the pool, and simple pools are boring, so when there is an
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Unformatted text preview: extravagant pool, such as with a slide or a lazy river, I am already convinced. The third thing that I look for in a hotel is location, location, and location. It is a great bonus when the hotel is close to the attractions that I am there to see because it limits sometimes costs, such as with taxis and such, but also with less travel time in areas that are not particularly familiar. The last thing that I look for in a hotel when choosing to stay there is the food. While eating is my favorite past time, I find it extremely important that the hotel has convenient food that can be provided; besides the high priced room service. The hotel that I feel fits my needs the best are usually hotels like the Marriott, which provide great service, food, attractions and many intangibles that I feel fit for my lodging and hotel needs....
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