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ESSAY 5 - refrigerator master bedroom and kitchen All of...

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I believe the reasons for the success of the timeshare business are as follows. Time-shares are very popular for family vacations, relaxing with a loved one or as a place to meet with people year round on a consistent basis. Time-shares are very popular for a few domestic reasons including kitchen amenities as apartment type living. Owning a time-share can be a home away from home where locations are unique and ideal for the desired vacation. Since they started about 40 years ago travelers began to stray from the normal hotel style vacations and started shifting toward extended vacation stays that can become a regular spot of getting away year in and year out to a desired or favorable destination. Time-shares are also popular for the reason of their custom ability from the owner’s perspective. Specific amenities that time-shares have are washer/dryer,
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Unformatted text preview: refrigerator, master bedroom, and kitchen. All of these things are the most notable part in the way time-shares differ from regular stay hotels. In general the time-share hotels offer such homeliness that hotels cannot fully offer. Families with larger amounts of people cannot fit in one single room and thus would need several. The time-share saves you from this problem and provides extra bedrooms for more family members. This bigger extended form of a hotel room is offering families a cheaper way to travel with lots of people, as well as saving smaller families from having to constantly plan places to stay in an apartment. In conclusion, for certain people on honeymoons or vacations, they are provided with a cheaper, long term hotel room, and home away on a consistent, year round basis....
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  • Bedroom, Vacation rental, apartment type living, hotel style vacations, extended vacation stays, regular stay hotels

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