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essay 6 - from everything in the world that people are...

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My choice for a resort stay and the reasons for this choice would be as follows. My hotel of choice would be Burj Al Arab. I think this is an excellent hotel as well as a prime destination for many travelers who are looking to spend quite a bit of money. While I may not currently or ever have the budget to support such a venture, this hotel catches my high quite nicely. This hotel is located in Dubai and is a main attraction for tennis players, actors and people alike. This hotel runs in the thousands per night and is currently the worlds only seven star hotel. The hotel is located on its own little island and is also equipped with a helicopter pad and is the tallest hotel in the world. This is a great hotel for getting away and being secluded
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Unformatted text preview: from everything in the world that people are looking to get away from. This is personally one of my main concerns when traveling or going out of town. Another huge thing I look for in a hotel is water. This hotel is built right on a island which was built into an artificial beach which the only thing connecting the hotel to land would be a private curving bridge. This hotel is a place that puts Dubai on the map and is considered the best hotel in the world, because of its excellence and eloquence. Due to its amazing attractions such as the aquarium, beach and incredible design, this is the hotel of choice for me....
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