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essay 7 - wants to come back and spend their money at that...

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The management skills required to successfully run a resort hotel are different than a full service business hotel in the following ways. The management skills are different in a resort hotel versus a full service hotel because resort hotels have many more amenities and the importance of keeping the guest satisfied is very important. It is imperative that your management skills be up to par at a resort because guests are coming for a vacation at the resort, not some attractions such as Disneyland or things of this nature. Guests such as with Atlantis are coming to be at the hotel and be treated correctly and to the best of capabilities because that is their vacation, relaxing spot, and activities are all taking place at this particular resort. The guest’s happiness with the service, food, amenities, design and bed are all significant things, which can determine whether or not a guest
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Unformatted text preview: wants to come back and spend their money at that particular vacation again. This again is important because it is a different click of the mouse and the guests could end up on the completely other side of the planet because their experience at that resort was not acceptable or up to par with the needs of the guests. In this business excellent customer service is required to ensure the guests come back because all the power lies with the customer. The service that a resort must provide is always excellent customer service to ensure the customer is always satisfied with the service and amenities that are being provided. With a resort hotel, you have to worry about their stay at the hotel and ensuring that the customer has enough pillows or if they want a wake up call....
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