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Essay 9 - Another important point which I think makes sense...

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There are a couple of things I see on the Cheesecake Factory website that make sense after reading the two articles – these include the following. The first thing that I concur with when referring to the Cheesecake Factory is their extensive training program. Their training program is one of a kind and is really only general to the other top restaurants that Cheesecake Factory competes with, which is very few. Their training program, which includes an audience, in what seems to be an American idol type competition, is very extensive and part of the reason that separates The Cheesecake Factory from the rest. The reason I think the training in which The Cheesecake Factory offers is so beneficial, is because the quality in which the food is made as well as the consistency in which the food is made, is what separates them and all other restaurants before them from mediocrity.
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Unformatted text preview: Another important point which I think makes sense is their evolving menus and product development. Their innovative and simply delicious menu offers intrigue to all food lovers and again, is quite simply, one of the things that make their food so great. While their menu is what makes them great, The Cheesecake Factory is not afraid to try something new, and change or add to their already high quality dining experience. The Cheesecake factory offers a great deal of tantalizing menu items along with complementary chefs and servers to offer the full casual dining restaurant experience to their guests. Had it not been for their excellent dessert, extremely competitive training program, or their evolving product development, a new market for dine-in casual restaurants may have never happened....
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