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essay 10 - getting stressful while also creatively finding...

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There are many advantages to providing food services within the office building including the following. Operating a food service in an office building can significantly impact that business in several different ways. The first thing in considering whether to do this is whether or not the business can better allocate the space used for the food service establishment for more business related matters. If indeed this space is not needed and would go to other superficial needs of the company, it would in fact be wise to include this food service establishment because it would be providing company employees with added incentives to work harder and longer while staying more energized because of the easy access to food beverages. Having this amenity with your corporate headquarters offers their hardworking employee a place they can escape to when things are
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Unformatted text preview: getting stressful while also creatively finding another way to get their hard earned money. A food service operation such as this would be guaranteed success by being on site and providing easy access to services that would normally require conserved effort. Another important aspect of this is that the corporation would be able to charge rent for whichever food service establishment wanted to take on the business venture. This means that the company would be able to make more profit in an area not directly related with their business. This move is an all around excellent decision for a company headquarters due to everything from employee profits to the money made on leasing out the space to the desired food service operation....
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