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I believe the reasons for the success of the timeshare business are as follows. It is for families who like to travel to the same place every year on a certain day. It allows people to choose where they want to go, when they want to go, and the size. Most timeshares now offer fully furnished condos, with a kitchen and washer and dryer that most resorts hotel accommodations do not offer. The success of timeshares now is the ability of the consumer to choose the size time of year, how long one wants to stay, and allows them to own to avoid future rise in costs. Another bonus of having timeshares is if you miss out on one of your times most timeshare companies allow rollover time for another year. If families like traveling
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Unformatted text preview: every year to a spot they love, they can comply with your wants and needs. You can even pass the timeshare down to your children. Recent events in the economy have caused the US to go into a recession causing people to travel less. A now simple solution is to get a timeshare early because the prices will only keep rising and in the future if you want to sell it back you can and make a small profit. Having a timeshare property allows guests to choose from a wide range of activities such as golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, boating, skiing, restaurants and even a place to take the kids so Mom and Dad can have some “time” together....
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