Group 9 - Group 9 Team Presentation Paper Ch 12: Managing...

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Group 9 Team Presentation Paper Ch 12: Managing Individuals and a Diverse Work Force 11/5/2010 Garrett Aryan Ryan Nevelow Jacob Campbell Brittany Parker Thomas Rowland
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The workplace in America is steadily evolving, which is in large part due to its ever-expanding demographics and diversity. Diversity that exists in the workplace can be discussed in the topics of differences that matter, surface level diversity, deep level diversity, and the management of diversity. Diversity in the workplace is important because it promotes harmony and resolves any potential conflicts. Each of these topics is applicable through many existing organizations that exercise a diverse work force. Diversity exists in an organization when there are a variety of demographics, cultures and differences among the employees and the customers that they serve. A good example of a company that displays diversity among its workforce and towards its customers is AT&T. AT&T does not practice affirmative action specifically, but rather makes it policy to practice workforce inclusion, community impact, multicultural marketing and supplier diversity on a regular basis. Caucasians: 62% Asian: 5% Hispanic/Latino: 12% African American: 20% Other: 2% With a wide array of cultural diversity in their workplace, AT&T feels that they can better serve their customers by adapting to all cultures and communities through their diverse workforce, which makes for a more inclusive work environment and leads to
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Group 9 - Group 9 Team Presentation Paper Ch 12: Managing...

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