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Hospitality essay 14

Hospitality essay 14 - choosing a correct meeting place...

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The types of concerns that would be important to me as I evaluate alternative meeting sites include the following. The number one thing that I would look for when deciding where to hold my business meetings would be convenience. If I were in charge of the finances and bringing everyone together in one place, I would want affordability as well as accessibility and professionalism. Some things that can get in the way of a good business meeting can be the affordability aspect, which with the present economy can really have an affect on where a company chooses to spend its money. With accessibility we have the convenience of the employees to the particular site, whether it be a hotel or meeting venue, such as with accessibility to the airport or company headquarters, because rental cars or transportation can also be an issue. Another important aspect of
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Unformatted text preview: choosing a correct meeting place would be the professionalism of the desired site, because while some themes and places cater to some, they do not necessarily cater to all businesses and what they desire. While all of these are important sanctions that would sway my decision from one place to another, the main thing that I would take into consideration as a meeting planner would be what the consumer desired from the standpoint that I would make my location decision based on preferences and knowledge on the consumer I was planning for. In conclusion, affordability, accessibility and professionalism combined with the desires and prior knowledge from research of the consumer, I would make a well-informed decision to satisfy my customer with prime location and an excellent atmosphere....
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