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Psychology FINAL review Essay: 1. Explain Experimental Method/Scientific Method? 2. How to design experiment to improve productivity of workers? Dept. Questions: 1. Which of the research designs is best for demonstrating cause-effect one variable- another variable. EXPERIMENTAL METHOD 2. Students with higher self esteem have a better body-image. CORRELATIONAL METHOD 3. Correlational Method, REAL LIFE SETTING LIMITATIONS- Abilities to manipulate beyond observations. 4. Research method with one experimental group and one control group. EXPERIMENTAL METHOD 5. Which techniques of developmental psychology studies one group of people at a single point in time. CROSS-SECTIONAL DESIGN 6. Roots of prejudice studies by Cognitive Psychology, HOW PEOPLE REMEMBER INFO RELATIVE TO PREJUDICE 7. Developmental psychologist studies kids with ADHD by observation, NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION 8. Understand/Quantify Scientific Method 9. Naturalistic Observation: 10. William Wundt, Sigmund Freud, John Watson, William James. Which used case- studies? 11. Negative/Positive correlation? What is a zero correlation? 12. Placebo- 13. Psychology- 14. Evolutionary Psychologist? 15. Formal beginnings of psychology? CH. 1
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attachment-7.ashx - Psychology FINAL review Essay: 1....

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