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Unformatted text preview: Handout for Human Population Growth (Ch. 26) The human species All humans belong to a single species – Homo sapiens Our species has existed for about 200K years and has undergone ecolutionaty changes just like other species We are (Arguably) the most successful species on the planet (numbers, distribution, impact) Why? The primary reason we believe humans have been so successful as a species (brain) Very large brain relative to body size. Highly intelligent Complex language use Complex social interactions Complex tool use Logic and problem solving Capacity for cultural evolution- transmission of learned behavior from generation to generation Goal for the rest of the semester: human impacts Remainder of semester dedicated to examining the impacts that our species is having on the planet. Human Population Growth (Introduction) and an analysis of this graph We can measure the size of our populations just like we can for any other species Section 26.4 1 What do we know ecologically about this kind of growth curve? J shaped curve Exponential growth No signs of plateau (K) Not sustainable over the long term 1- Stabilize at some carring capacity (K) 2- Crash (not desirable) Human carrying capacity Is there a carrying capacity (k) for humans? Certainly This is not a new idea Early 1800s, english reverend Thomas Malthus published seceral essays on human population growth. He notes that population size was increasing exponentially but increase in agribulture output was not....
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attachment-10.ashx - Handout for Human Population Growth(Ch...

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