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Math 170-010 Week 1 Homework, Part B Fall 2011 A man jumps out of an airplane. In free fall, subject to air resistance, his height above ground as a function of time is h ( t ) = 3000 - 35 t - 125 e - 7 t/ 25 where t is measured in seconds and h is measured in meters. 1. (5 pts.) Graph h ( t ) on the domain 0 t 5 seconds. Be sure to label your graph correctly. See Homework 8/22 for instructions of proper labeling. 2. (3 pts.) Compute h (5). 3. (3 pts.) Compute Δ h on the interval [0
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Unformatted text preview: , 5]. 4. (5 pts.) Compute h t on the interval [3 , 5]. 5. (2 pts.) Sketch a secant line in your graph that corresponds to the average velocity you just computed. 6. (2 pts.) When the man is 1000 meters above ground an altimeter will automatically cause his parachute to deploy. When will this happen? Round your answer to the nearest second. For full credit you have to explain you got your answer. 1...
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