gp02-1 - V is measured in Volts. Compute V (1). [Note: Set...

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Math 170-010 Week 2 Homework, Part B Fall 2011 Note: You MAY NOT use any techniques of diFerentiation that you might know from other classes. Every derivative must be computed using methods discussed in this class. You must show all work for this. 1. The potential in an electric circuit is given by V ( t ) = 165 sin(377 t ) where t is measured in seconds and
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Unformatted text preview: V is measured in Volts. Compute V (1). [Note: Set your calculator in radians.] 1 2. Compute f (5) for f ( x ) = 3 x + x-1. 1 For those who are interested in the physics, the constant 377 has units of radians per second. There are 2 radians in a circle, so 377 radians/second = 60 . 0 s-1 . 1...
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