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gp03 - any assistance other than arithmetic please explain...

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Math 170-010 Week 3 Homework, Part B Fall 2011 Note: You MAY NOT use any techniques of differentiation that you might know from other classes. You may not use a “derivative” or “slope” or similar function on your calculator. Every derivative must be computed using one of these two methods: Table of secant slopes, followed by guessing a tangent slope. Algebraic formula for secant, followed by a limit calculation. 1. (15 pts.) Suppose that f ( x ) = 1 5 - x . Where is f ( x ) = 1? Use any methods, except as noted above for computing derivatives. If your calculator provides
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Unformatted text preview: any assistance other than arithmetic, please explain what you got from your calculator. 2. (5 pts.) A graph of g ( x ) is shown at right. Use it to answer the following questions. These are short answer. You don’t need to show any work. You will ±nd it useful to know that g ′ (2) =-2 (a) Compute g ′ (1). (b) Which of these is more likely to be true? g ′ (3) =-1 . 5 or g ′ (3) =-2 . 5 (c) Make a rough guess of where g ′ ( x ) =-1. 1...
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