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2nd exam review

2nd exam review - Second Exam Review What constitutes...

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Second Exam Review What constitutes violence against women? Rape Domestic Violence Child or Adult Sexual Assault Assault Murder How are women affected by violence? Affects women of all backgrounds Has far-reaching physical and emotional consequences Is a major public health and criminal justice concern Why are men sometimes violent toward women? How can you help someone who may be in a violent situation? Set a time to talk Let your friend know you’re concerned about her safety Let your friend know you understand she’s in a tough situation. Be supportive Don’t place shame, blame or guilt on your friend If your friend decided to stay, continue to be supportive Encourage your friend to do things outside of the relationship, with friends and family Help her make a safety plan If your friend decided to leave, continue to be supportive Encourage your friend to talk to someone who can help Keep in mind that you can’t “rescue” your friend Why does rape occur? Adverse Childhood Environments The force that triggers development of impersonal sexual interests- Emotional or physical neglect Sexual, physical, emotional maltreatment Witness violence Parental drug abuse or mental illness Parental loss or absence Negative role models Determinants within individuals Hereditary traits, and mental processes Physiology, neurophysiology, brain dysfunction, psychopathology Interactions of above with alcohol Personality traits Traditional gender schema Sex and power motives Attitudes reflecting rape myths
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Social learning history—arousal, rejection Peer Group Self selection, negative influence, or both?
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