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Math 170-010 Homework 9/27 Fall 2011 Goals: Compute trig derivatives with quick rules. Solve Type 1 and Type 2 problems with trig functions. Note: For purposes of this homework set you may assume the following quick derivative rules: Function Derivative c 0 x 1 x n nx n 1 af + bg af + bg fg f g + fg f g f g - fg g 2 f ( g ( x )) f ( g ( x )) g ( x ) sin x cos x cos x - sin x tan x sec 2 x sec x sec x tan x cot x - csc 2 x csc
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Unformatted text preview: x-csc x cot x Exercises: 1. From the Online Textbook, Section 4.4: 1–5. 2. From Schaum’s , Chapter 17: Problem 25. 3. From the Online Textbook, Section 4.5: 13–16. Hint: Classify each problem as Type 1: “Given location, ±nd slope”, or Type 2: “Given slope, ±nd location”. 1...
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