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Exam 1, Part 2, Form A M170-010, Fall, 2011 Name: Show all your work. There are no trig, log, or exponential derivatives today, so you may use any methods on any problem. 7. A population of rabbits grows according to P ( t ) = 100 + 0 . 1 t + kt 2 where P is rabbits, t is time in months, and k is an unknown constant. At the instant t = 10 months, it is observed that the population is growing at a rate of 4 rabbits per month. Compute k . 8. (10 pts.) The function
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Unformatted text preview: f ( x ) =-x 2 + 4 x-3 is graphed at right, along with a tangent line that passes through the origin. The point of tangency is unknown. Suppose that at student attempts “guess and check” to locate the point of tangency. Her ±rst guess is x = 1 . 7. Is this guess correct? If yes, convince me. If not, should the next guess be to the left or to the right of 1.7? Why? 1...
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