short1-2b - f ( x ) = x 2-4 x + 3 is graphed at right,...

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Exam 1, Part 2, Form B M170-010, Fall, 2011 Name: Show all your work. There are no trig, log, or exponential derivatives today, so you may use any methods on any problem. 7. A population of rabbits grows according to P ( t ) = 90 + 0 . 1 t + kt 2 where P is rabbits, t is time in months, and k is an unknown constant. At the instant t = 7 months, it is observed that the population is growing at a rate of 3 rabbits per month. Compute k . 8. (10 pts.) The function
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Unformatted text preview: f ( x ) = x 2-4 x + 3 is graphed at right, along with a tangent line that passes through the origin. The point of tangency is unknown. Suppose that at student attempts guess and check to locate the point of tangency. Her rst guess is x = 1 . 8. Is this guess correct? If yes, convince me. If not, should the next guess be to the left or to the right of 1.8? Why? 1...
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