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Comm 101 Final Paper (Project) 1. Choose a minimum of two or a maximum of three Communication skills/concepts that we have discussed this semester. You choose any from Listening to Conflict Management. 2. Tell me what you have learned about these this semester. For each skill/concept chosen: A. Use material that you learned from our class discussions/lectures. B. Use material that you learned from our class activities. C. Use material from published sources such as the textbook. Be sure the published sources are credible. Document the sources you use.
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Unformatted text preview: D. You have to use at least two journal entries to support what you learned. The journal entries must be included in the paper. 3. Give a conclusion. This is an opportunity for you to communicate what you have learned/will take with you from this class. Use however many pages you need to communicate to me what you have learned. Be aware that students in the past who have done well on this paper have specified in detail what they learned and supported it in detail....
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