Personal Skills Building Project

Personal Skills Building Project - Personal Skills Building...

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Personal Skills Building Project 1. This is a project to get you to use the skills and concepts discussed in class in your daily life. 2. Choose four roles that you fill in life that bring you in contact with others on a regular basis. Examples would be: spouse, parent, child, sibling, employee, student, etc. List those roles at the beginning of your first journal entry. 3. As we discuss new skills/concepts in class (starting with Listening and ending with Conflict Management), your task will be to try them outside of class. You do not have to try all the skills in all the roles. However, you will need to use each skill at least twice in two roles. (Just because something works with one person does not mean it will work with others.) It would be best to choose 5 skills and write at least two journal entries each. Using the skill twice will aid you in writing your paper at the end of the semester. 4. Each time you use one of the skills/concepts, record the experience (in detail), then email me the experience and what you learned (in detail). It would be well to touch upon the things we discussed in class and performed during class activities. Use the following format for your journal entries: Date: Communication Skills/Concepts: Detailed description of the Event: What you learned about the Communication Skill/Concept: 5. A minimum of 10 journal entries must be done in order to get a passing grade. I will keep a folder on all your journal entries. You are responsible to check with me to see how many journal entries I have received. 6. Your final paper will be to choose 2 or 3 skills/concepts that you learned most about this semester. Tell me the skills, what you learned, based on class discussions and activities, published material (if you wish), and at least two journal entries. (Note. The journal entries must be included in the paper.) Then email your paper. 7. The final project is a combination of your journal and your final paper. The following are examples of past journal entries. Notice the detail in the event so I recognize what happened and the detail in what was learned. The detail from what is learned came from the discussion and activities done in class. Also, be aware, when such a skill as Reflective Listening is used, dialogue must be included in the journal entry. Date: October 18 Communication Skill/Concept: Listening Position Communication Event: My wife came into the family room while I was watching TV. She asked if we could talk. Having waited for this opportunity, I turned off the TV and turned to face her sitting on the couch. She then filled me in on the situation and asked for my advice. I gave her some advice I thought might help. She wanted to discuss two of my ideas. After our discussion, she thanked me and left the room. What Learned: I felt our conversation was deeper than usual in that we didn’t have to stop our
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Personal Skills Building Project - Personal Skills Building...

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