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Persuasive Speech - communication topic The feedback will...

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Persuasive Speech 1. This will be a 6-8 minute speech. 2. You may choose any topic with the following or similar exceptions; volatile/strongly emotional issues such as abortion, legalizing marijuana, euthanasia, etc; or converting the audience to your religion. You may not bring contraband, weapons, etc as a visual aid for your speech. Choose a behavior that you are involved in and persuade the audience to engage in similar behavior. Examples from previous speeches include; getting involved in a hobby that you engage in; volunteering; donating blood/organ donor; spaying/neutering animals; traveling; changing your own vehicle oil; best way to make something (cookies, pancakes, BBQ, etc); exercise/dieting/monitoring blood pressure, etc. 3. The purpose of a persuasive speech is to initiate behavior, change behavior, or to reinforce behavior. 4. A visual aid is optional on this speech although it is preferable. You will receive feedback on this speech to prepare for the informational speech on a
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Unformatted text preview: communication topic. The feedback will include what you did well and what you need to improve upon. If you choose not to use a visual aid obviously you cannot receive feedback on it. 5. You will turn in a written copy of your speech, the key word outline of the speech, and a photo/printed copy of your resources. Scoring: You start your speech with 100 points. The following are examples of how you lose points: 1. 10 points deducted for not staying within time limit. 2. 10 points deducted for reading/relying too much on your notes. 3. 5 points deducted each for such things as: a. lack of eye contact b. lack of gestures c. poor organization d. lack of use of military method/signposting e. too much movement f. poor voice volume/articulation/pronunciation g. poor support 4. 1-2 points deducted for too many vocalizations such as um uh like you know etc....
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