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Syllabus - Comm 101-1 - Syllabus COMM 101 Fundamentals of...

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Syllabus COMM – 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication Instructor – Ron Ellsworth Phone: 426-1056 e-mail: [email protected] Office: C-217 Office Hours: MWF 07:15-07:30 & 09:30 – 09:45 AM. If these hours are not conducive to your schedule, please make arrangements with me. I will also be available immediately before and after class. Text: Communication in Our Lives (2012) by Wood Required Reading: Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach Course Description and Objectives: COMM 101 acquaints students with theories, concepts, and practices of communication and includes the fundamental principles of effectively preparing, presenting and critically consuming messages in one-to-one, small group and public speaking contexts. The course is part of Boise State University’s core curriculum (Area II Social Sciences). Through 1) use of the textbook; 2) interaction with classmates; 3) study; 4) experiential learning; and 5) participation, you will enhance your understanding of the following: verbal and nonverbal communication perception of self and others listening to/analyzing information interpersonal communication public speaking organizational communication group dynamics mass communication The purpose of this course is to expose you to the wide wonderful world of human communication. Consequently, we will be looking at a number of communicational concepts/skills. Unfortunately, we will not be studying any of them to any great length. That is for future courses. This section is designed to be a skills-building course. You will have the opportunity to discuss communication concepts and to experience activities that will increase your awareness of each concept. In order to accomplish this, the following will be the basis for grades: Participation: Each class period provides opportunity for class activities, small group/one-on- one discussion and/or class discussion. The expectation is that you will be active through participating in the class activities, asking/answering questions, and generally giving your thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc in class. Active participation constitutes up to 100 points of your final grade. Note: Participation in class activities and an occasional comment, question or answer is average. That equates to 70 points. If you desire a higher score you will have to participate more than the average. Attendance: Attendance will be taken each class. It is your responsibility to make sure I get you marked on the attendance sheet. When I leave class, I will assume the attendance roster is accurate. I will not change the attendance sheet after class. Students miss a great deal of content
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Syllabus - Comm 101-1 - Syllabus COMM 101 Fundamentals of...

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