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PLOT - THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE PARTS , / ,/ V 1. EXPOSITION a. What is the setting? (time, place, etc . .. ) b. What is the situation? (character, dialogue, etc. .) c. What information is revealed about events that occurred before the play began? (antecedent action) What is the play's point of attack? d. How is this information revealed? (through dialogue, monologue, action, flashback, major characters, minor characters, etc . .. ) D.:r~CO\/t(2Y / ~E"EN2SAL 2. CONFLICT a. What is the major conflict, and who are the opposing forces? b. What is the inciting or initiating incident that leads to the major conflict? c. What other conflicts are revealed and what are their initiating incidents? d. What complications (heretofore unknown information, new insights, confusion of the issues, surprises) does the playwright introduce?
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Unformatted text preview: e. Does the order of occurrence of the conflicts and sub-conflicts differ from the order in which they are revealed? . f. Does each incident and conflict stand alone as an independent unit or does each lead inevitably to another? g. Does the course of the action favor one or the other of the forces? 3. CLIMAX a. When must the course of events favor one force over the other? How is this revealed? b. Is the build-up to the major climax more intense than the build-up to the minor climaxes? c.. Could the conflict have turned out differently? 4. RESOLUTIQNIDENOUEMENT a. How are the events after the climax revealed? . b. Is the resolution long or short? Satisfying or not? c. Is the resolution the inevitable result of the climax?...
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