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Argumentessay_DPE11-1 - The Researched Argument Essay For...

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The Researched Argument Essay For our first essay of this semester we will combine our memories, personal experiences, and observations with library research. We will begin by discovering a topic in which we have personal experience and then seek to add another layer of understanding and evidence to our viewpoint using research. In this essay it will be important for you to write in an expository manner; that is writing that focuses on the credibility of evidence and detail. So, while you may develop a scene with dialogue as you would in a narrative essay, you will have to pay closer attention to the integrity of your evidence and the objections, or counter-arguments, of your readers. Your essay must have the following qualities: Focuses implicitly or explicitly on a question. Questions and curiosity are the driving forces behind research. The essay makes clear claims, including one central claim around which the draft is organized. In other words, the essay should be clear about what it is asking its readers to do or to believe.
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