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A,A- Quality Essay Subject, Focus, Purpose The main idea is very clear; clear focus and purpose (the “what” and the “what about it”). The lead is creative, draws the reader in, sets up the appropriate expectations for the essay’s content and tone of voice, contains a clear sense of tension or unusual angle on a subject. Essay’s subject goes beyond the obvious, is not clichéd or predictable; makes connections to other perspectives, other ideas on the subject, outside sources if it is a research essay (uses multiple sources to dig deep into subject and get to know it thoroughly). Indicates writer’s curiosity about subject, writer’s perspective or stance. Clear sense of the writer thinking critically about the subject matter. Organization and Development Well-developed thoughts, support for main ideas; appropriate, interesting, and well-used research; significant detail. If a research essay, builds on the ideas of other researchers, doesn’t regurgitate or simply use outside sources to support the writer’s ideas. If relating a story or narrative, reflects on the significance of the story. Strong intro, body, and conclusion. Organizational pattern is appropriate to the subject, the audience, the purpose of the essay, and goes beyond predictable forms (live five paragraph themes, simple listing of ideas with no thought to how they connect to one another). Writer has clearly considered how and why to organize the essay as s/he did. The paper should read easily. Writer’s Presence and Authority Writer’s voice is dominant if appropriate to subject matter and audience; guides us throughout the essay. Strong sense of writer’s authority on the subject matter; if a research essay, has researches the subject in different ways and then uses research to draw own conclusions (doesn’t rely on the ideas of an MD or a
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Grading_Scale(2)-1 - A,A- Quality Essay Subject, Focus,...

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