libraryinvestigation - reference librarian to show you how...

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Name: __________________________ Date:___________________________ In the spirit of inquiry and curiosity today’s look at the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks will start at the library. You can choose to work in pairs or on your own. Either way, each person must turn in this investigation sheet in class on Wednesday October 5 th . 1. Begin by listing questions or jotting down things that have surprised you so far in the reading. 2. Choose one of those questions or surprises to launch your exploration. Write that question/statement directly below this sentence. 3. Then head over to the library. Once at the library, head over to the Reference Desk. Ask the research librarian to suggest a couple of sources where you might find information related to your question. (If you do not know how to use a databases or other feature of the library ask the
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Unformatted text preview: reference librarian to show you how). 4. What sources did the librarian suggest? 5. Now begin your exploration. Do not worry about finding the right answer. Just explore the sources suggested and write down in the space below what you have found. If you find something that may be of interest to the class—save it to your USB drive, book mark it on your lap top, save or print out the article, etc. 6. Complete a 7-minute freewrite in the space below. Reflect on what you have found and what you think about your discoveries. (You can attach additional notebook paper to this handout if you need to). On October 5 th bring this handout with you and we will launch our discussion with your discoveries. Try to have fun with assignment and choose an aspect of the book (science, ethics, writing, etc.) that truly interests you....
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libraryinvestigation - reference librarian to show you how...

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