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English 101 Fall 2011 Observation Exercise All good profiles rely on the keen observations of the writer. For example, in the essay Learning About Work From Joe Cool Gib Akin notes, “Here’s Joe Cool himself: slim, angular, small turned-up nose on a face that is slightly dished, older than what you would expect from the name.” Attention to detail is crucial as it works to help the writer see Joe Cool for themselves. For Friday, October 7 th we will be exercising our critical observation skills much like Akin did in his profile of Joe Cool. Follow the steps below and be ready to turn in your observation notes and “snapshot profile” to the Discussion Board on Blackboard to share with
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Unformatted text preview: the class. Step 1: Re-read “Thumb-Sucking Girl” on page 5 & 6 of the PDF titled Profile1 under the Readings button on Blackboard. Step 2: Then complete #1 under “Inquiring into the Essay.” In short, find someone to discretely observe, take detailed notes, and then write up your profile. Step 3: Compose a snapshot profile of 250 words based on Step 2. Type your notes and type your profile. Step 4: Before 5pm on October 7 th post your observation to the Discussion Board. Please use the cut and paste function of your word program to place your material into a new thread (demo in class). I will begin the thread with an example of what it is I’m looking for in your post....
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