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THE PROFILE ESSAY For our second essay of the semester we will turn to people as sources of information and as subjects for essays. What I expect for this assignment: 1) Do not write a Question/Answer essay, this type of work will automatically receive a failing grade. You are writing a profile like you would expect to find in People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone , etc. Sometimes these magazines will use the Q&A format, but look for the profiles when this format is not used. We will be reading some examples of good profiles for upcoming classes. Pay attention to the theme, style, and use of questions/answers in the writing. 2) Work towards a theme. With musicians and DJ’s the theme is usually music. Athletes it is sports.
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Unformatted text preview: Narrow the theme to something concrete within these broad themes. For example: what style of music or is the athlete a quarterback? Get specific. 3) It must be written in first or third person. Decide on if you want to put yourself in the essay or leave yourself out. 4) The end must echo the beginning. 5) The length is 5-pages (it can be longer if you’d like). Paper format remains the same (1” margins, title, etc.). 1 st Full Rough Draft is due: Friday, Oct 21 st . Must be in MLA format and a minimum of 3 pages. Bring 3 copies to class. 2 nd Rough Draft is due Friday, Oct. 28 th . Bring 1 copy to class. There is no need to do any library research unless you want to and there will be no need to cite your interview....
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