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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2011 McGill Student Discussion Seminar on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks The next four in-class discussion days on the IMLHL will take place in the form of a student seminar. Seminar is a fancy way of saying discussion group. This means that students must bring their own questions , discoveries, and ideas about that day’s assigned reading. It also means that students will begin the discussion, moderate it, and wrap things up. My role will simply be as an observer and notetaker of the class’s questions, explorations, and outcomes. The first day, I expect, will be a bit awkward as we struggle to talk about the text in meaningful ways. But, it will get easier. The purpose of the student run discussion group is to practice the skill of inquiry and curiosity. Inquiry occurs when you bring your own questions to the class and through conversation get answers to those questions (or at the very least explore a range of answers). It also gives students an opportunity, and freedom, to do more than just parrot back what they think...
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