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Communication 101 Group Project Presentation Date: Thursday October 13 The set-up: Students will form groups of 3-5 people. Groups will create an imaginary product or service, then attempt to sell that creation to the class by presenting it in the form of a persuasive sales pitch. The presentation: Each group member will be responsible for speaking for at least 3 minutes during their group’s presentation. These minutes don’t have to be consecutive (in other words, you can bounce around amongst speaking group members, as long as each person speaks for 3 minutes by the end of the presentation). Groups will receive a MAXIMUM allotted presentation time of 17 minutes, and points will be deducted from the overall grade for each 30 seconds you exceed the time limit. Each 30 seconds over the time limit will accrue a 3 point penalty for the entire group. Creating a Product: your goal is to create and present the best product in the class and accumulate the most amount of money at the end of the class period. Your imaginary product must not be in existence at the moment, or bear resemblance
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Group Project - Communication 101 Group Project...

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