Impromptu Speech - Thursday

Impromptu Speech - Thursday - to come inside the classroom...

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Impromptu Speech Communication 101 Instructor: Matt Vander Boegh Speech Date: Thursday October 6 Points Possible: 35 The Speech: For this assignment, each student will deliver a 2-3 minute impromptu speech, with only six minutes to prepare and organize an outline of thoughts. The Set-Up: One-by-one, students will receive six minutes alone outside of the classroom (most likely in the hallway). Each student will be given a sheet of paper with two speech topics. The student then chooses the topic they like best and writes a quick speech about it. At the end of their allotted five minute preparation time, they’ll be asked
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Unformatted text preview: to come inside the classroom and deliver their speech. Order of Speakers: the order of speakers will be drawn at random on the night of the impromptu speeches. Grading: all students who complete the speech and fill up the 2-3 minute timeframe will receive full credit for the assignment (35 points). Speeches that fall short of the two-minute mark will suffer a five point reduction. Students not in attendance or not willing to participate will receive a zero. Have fun!...
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