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Unformatted text preview: Exam 3, Day 2 M175-001 Fall 2009 Name: 8. (10 pts.) Assume that b and c are fixed, positive, constants and consider the series ∞ n=2 (cn + 1)2 bn ln n (a) Apply the root or ratio test to this series. Write your answer in the form ρ = something. (b) For what values of b and c is this series convergent? 9. (10 pts.) Suppose that f (x) is a function with the following properties: f (0) = 1 f ′ (0) = 4 f ′′ (x) = 4x − f (x) Compute the fourth order approximation of f (x) centered at 0. Bonus: Guess a simple formula for the function f (x). Convince me that your guess is correct. 1 ...
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