lecture01A - Four Fundamental Forces Physics 212: An...

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Physics 212: An Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism Professor David Weiss (lectures) Dr. Stephen Van Hook (administration) Spring 2008 For next time, read HRW 21.1-21.6 Four Fundamental Forces The motion of heavenly bodies Falling objects Radioactivity Neutrino physics The binding of quarks and nuclei Everything else! Electromagnetism Maxwell’s Equations : Four fundamental and inter-related “laws” about electricity and magnetism It is the underlying force behind most observable phenomena Electricity: lightning, electric current, electronics, your nervous system, … Magnetism: electric motors, MRI, … Radiation: light, x-rays, radio-waves, … Chemistry (and biochemistry): chemical bonds, reactions, … Solids… Specifically What You’ll Learn in Phys 212 Electric charges create electric fields Electric fields lead to forces on electric charges Moving electric charges (a.k.a. current ) create magnetic fields Magnetic fields lead to forces on moving electric charges Electric and magnetic fields store energy Changing electric fields create magnetic fields magnetic fields create electric fields } Light More generally, you will continue to learn how to reason physically.
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Instructional Team Lectures : Prof. David Weiss Office: 150B Davey Office hours: T 1:30-2:30 F 11-12, or by appt. Administration : Dr. Stephen Van Hook - Office: 123 Osmond - Office hours: W 9:30-11:30, 1:10-2:30 Th 12-2 FOR ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT COURSE LOGISTICS, USE THE CONTACT US BUTTON ON THE COURSE WEBSITE •I f contact us does not resolve your problem, contact the course administrator, Dr. Van Hook. http://class.phys.psu.edu/p212sp The Physics Dept. Learning Resource Center, Osmond 207, S-Th 6-8 pm. TA office hours (yours or any other) Professor Weiss office hours Make other appointments with Profs or TA’s Check the Physics Dept. website or your college to find tutoring Extra physics help is available from many sources Course Requirements Text: Halliday, Resnick and Walker, 8th edition Chapters 21 – 32 Lab and activity manual (buy with the textbook or download a PDF) WebAssign access card (from a bookstore or online) WebAssign is a web-based homework system These are bundled for purchase at local bookstores.
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lecture01A - Four Fundamental Forces Physics 212: An...

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